Traveling today.

I’ve actually been traveling for two days, Iwrote this yesterday as I traveled.

One day from Australia and I arrived at 6.00 am yesterday. I admit I slept a bit when I got to the hotel. I don’t think I could have done another 5 hours to Miami so I do it today.

The art of travel.

Patience, persistence and patronage.

I’ve just completed a 22 hour journey from my home to the hotel in Los Angeles. A car trip, 2 flights, a bus and a shuttle. 2 airline clubs for coffee and a few hours of just hanging around the airports waiting.

You have to think ahead as you go through the motions of check in, check out, Security and luggage deposit, luggage flip off the revolving belt and then customs, security and checkout again. You need a lot of stamina folks.

I dislike loading trolleys so I manage 2 large cases in one hand, hand luggage and camera bag in the other hand, self sufficient and no loading.

I’m very lucky that I travel so much that I can take advantage of a business class flight with space and a bed and on Qantas but for 10 years plus I was at the back end of the plane and now I choose the front end.

we are given pyjamas of the softest cotton produced by a famous designer in Australia and  have and entire wardrobe of these PJ’s. But sometimes I give them away to friends.

OK, so they are grey with a big kangaroo on the bosom, but I’ve never been able to buy a pair as comfy as these and I modify them by making them short sleeve with a snip of the scissors and then ¾ length pants with another snip.

I admit to finding my tolerance level tested today with a 4 month old and a particularly difficult 1 ½

Year old with a passion for screaming sitting in front of me. Their poor parents spent almost the entire time attending to their needs.

We all did that didn’t we, but we forget as the years drop off the other end and our day to day habits allow us to indulge simple delights. Eating at a leisurely pace, cooking for three instead of 15, laundering only my own garments and leaving the house cleaning to the cleaners. Doesn’t get any better.

But think back we paid our dues and I loved every minute of it, one day this young couple will probably think the same, but it was interesting being an observer.

We couldn’t afford business class for our family at their age, so they have the drop on us. We had a super bus  emblazoned with-a brown stipe red velvet seats and a small caravan with the same brown stripe, an annex and a series of bunk beds for our lot. 

Yep, that was our holidays and we have the best memories.

When I arrive in LA, I often stay at the Hilton close to the airport, I take a shower and go to bed as soon as I arrive (which is often at 6.00 am) and then maybe a little shopping in the afternoon before embarking on a cross America trip tomorrow and do it all again.

Right now we are traveling at 12.000 feet, 920 km per hour and the outside temp is -64deg. And we are 30 minutes from landing.

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  1. glendajean says:

    Lovely to be traveling along with you again Pam, and i all ways enjoy your stories they all ways make me smile and glad I’m travelling in my arm chair with you LOL Cheers Glenda

    1. Pam Holland says:

      You’re welcome along glendajean.

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