Punta Cana

3 days of travel and now I’m here in Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

The TV news is talking to me in the background, the light is mellow in the room. I’m in my Jamas and trying to stay awake just a little longer. I’ve done 3 days washing and hung it in the bathroom and I need to go to bed but it’s only 9.30 pm.

My observations of Punta Cana from the bus reminded me of the flora of Florida, the climate is similar, warm, a little humid but with a refreshing breeze.

It’s hard to keep track of the time, I’ve had 3 time changes in 3 days and I sort of don’t know where I am in time so I just follow the clock and don’t fuss about it.

I begin teaching tomorrow at 8.30 am so it will be an early start, but it’s not a bad way to go to work. Do you know they stock you fridge for you for nothing…. whoo hooo.

It’s the small things that makes me excited. The resort is right on the beach and it’s lovely but I can get a better idea tomorrow with the sun up.

We’re going to do this small project in my classes. The students can choose any of the illustrations to do on the canvas and then slow stitch them by hand. Which illustration would you choose to do?

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