Life, leisure and luxurious working environments.

It’s some time since I wrote a blog – a few weeks in fact.

Now our lives have changed dramatically with the devastation of this terrible virus. I’m so pleased that I’m home. However, I was within 12 hours of flying and I could have been caught in India. That would have been OK with me if I was certain of being able to get home safely. We all know that situations changed so fast, almost faster than we could comprehend.

I was indignant at first, but within hours I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I had everything packed, all I had to do was get on the plane. So the case remains packed there in the bedroom and it gives me hope that I can continue on again in the near future. Being home does mean I have time to catch up on work, and have more leisure time with family.

In the first few months of the year, life, leisure and at times luxurious working environments, saw me spending more time composing for Face Book rather than my web page. I have to juggle the caring of my guests on tour with teaching and at times it takes up more time than I care to spend sitting at the computer.

On the 9th of January I flew from Australia to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Yes, it’s an amazing feeling flying over the turquoise ocean and I always try to capture the colours. When I do that the color pallet is stored in my computer for future use. However, I have to fight 99% of passengers who wish to watch TV rather than look out of the window and see the scenery.

Bless them.

Over that period of time I drew and worked on designs and put new ideas into play.

These could be designs for Indian wooden stamps.
This is an idea from fabric I saw woven.

The images below are taken from photos I took in India in November. Visually working through designs, colours and images assists in good planning. I am designing small patterns for kits and small designs for fabric. So the imposed

So I’ll continue the creative journey on my blog as we all go through this imposed isolation. I’ve finished one quilt and just adding the binding to another. Then I began the next project, it was part way through and it’s very exciting to work on. I sort of make it up as I go.

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  1. Maureen Trelfer says:

    I rarely watch TV in planes I enjoy looking at the views below me or reading a good book

  2. Pamela Armas says:

    Being trapped in India would have been a dream for me!

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