I'm doing it.

I’m not going to even comment much on what’s happening in the world right now. I can’t do a darn thing about it.
I want to look forward to the next few months and make each day a calm realisation.
I miss travel; I miss my students, I miss the smell of the Ocean at Asilomar and Empty Spools and, I miss – sigh, – drawing on the plane. I’m going to miss Morocco, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa.
Like all of you tucked away in your personal spaces, I have time to spare and, it’s a novelty for me. So I’ve thrown myself into creating something challenging. I’m pulling out all stops to do something that is uniquely my own.

Nobody owns this except me.

This portrait is being created with cheesecloth, 5 different grades of cheesecloth.

This is how it begins.

This image is very elementary, and you build the image up with 100’s of small pieces of cheesecloth but, as you can see, it’s placed down on the black fabric as if you are using paint. The opacity of the cheesecloth gives me the depth and dimension of the portrait.

I work with the original photo which has been changed into a black and white image and, my project is on an artist easel.

Right now the magic begins and, I’m illustrating and quilting it free motion with 50 weight Aurifil thread, and the new super Janome M7 Continental machine. It’s just perfect for this project.

I can’t share right now, but can I say I walk out into the studio each morning and see this portrait on the easel and my heart jumps with excitement.

I have no deadlines, no one to please and answer to and this is a very personal project.

Yes, you are right it’s Ricky Tims and, I took the photo in Alamogordo 18 months ago. The image was perfect for this project because of the angle of the picture and the lighting.

So to heck with what is going on around me. Something special will come out of this time of difficulty, sadness and the unknown.

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  1. Alice says:

    just WOW!

  2. Nola says:

    I agree Pam. There is nothing we can do for the world scene but stay home, stay calm and enjoy the break from commitments. We are doing some re-organizing (culling in the process) then it will be into my sewing room and patchwork projects.. Love to you and Keith.xx

  3. Dina says:

    That’s a wonderful transformation. We have to have projects and work s like this to keep our spirits up.

  4. Saska Koch says:

    I want to be Pam Holland when I grow up. Your talent is amazing.

  5. Maria Rebella says:

    Your photo of him is so awesome. You are amazing ! Both my sister and I really enjoyed our time with you in San Miguel de Allende. Keep up your fabulous work! Can’t wait to see your finished piece. Maria

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  6. fladack says:

    Thank you and keep sharing. Your post today is very motivating. I personally have vacillated in and out of the calm which you describe. Your post this morning puts me in the correct mood for the day. I’m off to my sewing room (just down the hall!) for a day of creativity.

    1. Mary Duhon says:

      I had declared 2020 my year of new creativity! Instead I am making medical masks 8-10 hr /day. I even taught my husband how to cut fabric and he cut for about 4 hours this morning. I have 2 daughters in healthcare, one is an infectious disease physician, her husband a pulmonologist/ critical care doc near New Orleans , La. When I heard about this need and inquired of them “do you need this?”, my son-in law responded “ yes! 200 please!” So- you know how much you love your kids -that is what I’m up to-ha!

  7. I can’t imagine how you do this. It is remarkable. Thank you for sharing your work in progress and your thoughts and for inspiring me

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