Let it flow past us.

Two weeks ago yesterday, I woke to the news that India was cancelling tourist visas, and our Textile Trip was cancelled.
I was a little surprised, and, indeed, I could have made the deadline for Australians using the visa but, the American Tourists had their visas cancelled so, there was little point. I do admit that the thought of 4 weeks in India almost on my own was appealing and adventurous but not responsible.

We hadn’t heard much information on the Corona Virus, and it wasn’t being pressed into our psyche from the news media at that stage. Within a few hours, all became clear, but, working with international datelines and time became a barrier to accurate information and it was really stressful. I knew that some of my guests had already begun their travel, but, we were all taken by surprise as the severity of the pandemic began to become a reality.

I was able to cancel my flight which was due to depart at 6.00 am the following day. My heart felt the blow of disappointment and, to this day, I still haven’t unpacked the case because it all seems so final.

Now I think about it; I can’t imagine a day without Corona Virus being foremost in our mind. Our entire future is under threat in one way or another. Was it just two weeks ago that we could do normal things like hug each other or have a meal with friends?

Things moved fast over the next few days. I swayed between being disappointed and relief. Now two weeks into our imposed sanctity I realise that I was fortunate to be home and not on the plane to India.

Visas cancelled. Flights cancelled, and I felt so sorry four our Guide, our driver and the entire group. I had been liaising with them for the previous two weeks. Now I will reach out and see just how they are faring.

So how do we get over this?

I think this might be the first time in our lives that we have no plans for the immediate future.
Will I be home for weeks, months or even years?
At dinner tonight, I mentioned to my husband that it would probably be a long time until I get the opportunity to get on a plane again. He agreed and there was a long silence.

We have a large family who all live close to us, but I’ve not been able to hug the Grandees for two weeks. But you all know that because it’s happening to you too.

With everything that I’ve mentioned above, I need to remind myself that I’m fortunate to be in my own space. To have a comfortable place to work and more creative ideas than I could ever complete.
Most of the time I’m at peace with the bubble surrounding us, but it’s when I wake in the morning and, there is a nagging pain in the heart that says, this is real, it’s not a nightmare that reminds me of our situation.

This is a time that will never be forgotten and will be written into history. We just need to let it flow past us and, in the meantime I will create.

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