From the studio.

Another day of Bayeux work, then on to the portraits, I’m doing three different genres at once, and I want to get them completed so that I can create another cheesecloth portrait.

I drew this on very fine Indian fabric. It’s so fine, you can see through it. I used prisma pencils because they are waxy and soft.

It’s not easy to draw on, but it gives such a beautiful effect.
I have to stabilize it with my hand by forming a stretched section so I can use the pencil. I have added a thin cotton batting and the same fabric on the back, and I’m stitching through the three layers.

Now I’m stitching an outline with 50 weight Aurifil cotton. I want it to look as fine as possible. I will draw it again and just keep the pencil drawing to put into a frame. I could possibly use the 80 weight thread.

I’m doing a class on lips with Textile Art Stitch and the call was to create lips.

I think I will add cream cheesecloth across the base of the quilt, similar to the eye below.

The other two are the ones I shared in the last post, but I have managed to get a bit further.

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  1. Teresa Hartman says:

    You do the most beautiful and intriguing work. You are an amazing artist.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you so much Teresa.

  2. Beautiful work.. Can’t wait to see it finished

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you.

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