Aurifil Artisans. November Challenge.

Hand Quilting.

I must admit I have added hand quilting to many of my quilts in recent years. I enjoy a combination of machine stitching and what is more commonly known as slow stitching. At this very moment due to hand surgery, I’m restricted to just one hand, and that’s not performing well either.

This first little Quilt is a piece of whimsy. I was telling my grandies how we get emails. The cyber fairies bring them from your computer to mine.

I used recycled linen as the base for this quilt. The cat is appliquéd, and the small mat he’s on is drawn with pigment ink. The rest of the fabric was from my Japanese collection. The fairies are illustrated with machine illustration, and fifty weight black thread and the hand quilting is completed in 12 weight thread.
It was a fun little story quilt to make. One of those things you do when the idea pops into your mind, and you spend a day playing.

The other quilt is my travel journey.

I generally spend ten months of the year travelling, and I collect small gems of fabrics and memories. The base piece of fabric is part of a hand-dyed woven skirt from Guatemala.

It sits in my bag, and small stories get added as I travel. The lady with the fish is sitting on a piece of antique fabric from Laos.

There is an overlay of a different skirt panel from Guatemala featuring the hand embroidered side seam.

Pieces from India, Thailand, Africa and the images of the wading birds on the beach at Asilomar. It will be completely filled with hand stitching using 12 weight Aurifil thread.

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  1. Christine Marshall says:

    Pam, I just received my iPad Pro and I have an Apple class scheduled tomorrow . I was wondering if you had any pointers? I want to download Adobe sketch and I thought you said an updated version. I don’t want to clutter it up with all my emails. I want save space for classes and designing! So much to learn! Suggestion?
    Thank you in advance

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