Good for the soul.

I’m sitting in the kitchen and reviewing my class for tomorrow. The shack has worked its magic once again, and the peace and ambience are a gift to the soul.

I have a Bollywood movie playing in the background and the ending soon to come is dramatic and predictable.

I didn’t bring the dogs up with me this time because I will be teaching all day tomorrow. It’s so quiet without them. They looked at me in disbelief that I was leaving without them today.

The scenery was beautiful as I was driving up today. Once you leave the confines of the towns, the land gently rolls across the horizon. The crops have ripened, and some of them have been harvested. At times, the sunlight through the heads of the ripe wheat turns the gold into a silver blanket.

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  1. Susan sparks says:

    Pam please send info out on your new focus on teaching once you are ready to start. I am definitely interested in attending!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      I will do Susan.

  2. Jan Williams says:

    Sounds idyllic

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