Things I see when I visit the shack.

(The shack is a 1950’s holiday house, it was destroyed by vandal renters, but we are finally getting it back to its former glory)

Back home preparing to pack for our outback trip. It’s just a couple of days away and the cameras are being cleaned and packed. We’ll only need summer clothes, the temperatures are in the 30’s during the day and 20’s at night.

So different to the winter chill of the past few weeks here at home. However, I’ll pack a jacket as insurance.

What am I looking forward to?

The heat, the colour, the art and the ambience. I’ve been there several times before and I loved every minute of the experience. This time we will have time to see slowly, to marvel at the stars and the skies, the red earth and the expanses that take you on a journey of imagination.

Right now the fields are gold with waist high wheat.

Hundreds of Corellas play havoc atop the gum trees. Squabbling, loving, skydiving and acting like clowns. The noise is incredibly loud. I often sit outside and watch the antics above.

The river is still, guarded by huge orange cliffs.

Gum blossom adorns the trees and looks forever like little pink tutus

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