Aurifil Artisans showcase.

Thread painting over appliqué.

I’m afraid I’ve been slow to put my projects up, however, I have a few and I will add them next month.

In this project I used a variety of Aurifil threads.

I began with a drawing on my iPad. I used a photo of the crow who visits us each day.

Then worked through the process of preparing the appliqué.

Of course it’s the thread that makes the difference. I used 50 weight for most of the quilting and illustration.

Thread painting over appliqué is done with a free motion zig zag.

The Quilting over Quilting done by hand was using the 12 weight cotton. I really like the effect.

Not finished yet.

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  1. Jan Williams says:

    Beautiful work

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you.

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