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Sew slow.

It’s been a month since I created a blog. I have no other excuse other than I’ve been jolly busy with life really. So I intend to make a bigger effort and create some new pages, new ideas and share more than I have lately. To be honest, most of my writing has floated over to Face Book but the time has come to re-invent the blog.  

Make the most of every day.

Share your love, your joy, and the things you have learned on your journey
This will be somebody else’s courage.
Travel the world and feel every moment of the experience.
Love with passion, give freely, take with grace.
Speak honestly, walk with pride and learn constantly.
Once you have the tools, you can build the life you dream of.

Pams Houses competition entries.

  I decided to put my house project on white tennis shoes.  I started with my black Uni pen, drawing the ground, houses and clouds.  Then colored them with pigment ink.  Finally added a plane for you as your off to travel the world!  This was great fun and now I can wear your houses and show them off – once my leg is as all healed.  LOL. Joan Ascue   This is my entry for your competition -I had fun making it. This is a small quilt 151/2″ x 11″.  The size was governed by the size of the piece of sun dyed fabric that I wanted to use for the sky.  I wanted to use as much as possible of it for the sky so just made gentle curves for the hills. I quilted the rolling hills before doing the applique. I have a small bag of prefused fabrics left over from other projects so I wanted to use those in my little quilt. I used some of your house and tree patterns …

Early morning photo shoot.

The alarm rang at 5.30am and shocked me into reality. I stretched my legs, were they still hurting from walking for hours on that hard cement floor the previous day. That darn floor always jumps up and grabs me. “No, they are still attached” I mumbled so I figured I’d made it through to today. A little numb from sleep saturation, I dressed hurriedly. The clothes were ironed and hanging from the wardrobe door, (even down to the compulsory scarf)  in anticipation of an early start. Lisa had woken through the night and had written a list of things we needed to take with us for the day and I had made a mental note, so we both sanctimoniously congratulated ourselves on our organisational skills (that later fell in a heap) The 12 mile drive to the city of Alamogordo was accompanied by Mozart, the sun tipped the mountains to the right and the sky was mellow and the shadows long. We picked up Ricky and headed to the Old water tower in the centre …


  Preparation for travel is always part of the excitement of taking a journey. I personally prepare my cases after unpacking the last trip.  Clean them, wash the covers and the  pods you store your clothes in and put them back in the case in preparation for the following trip. Whoops but this time I can’t find my big old green case  weigher…. or whatever you call it.  I’ve had it for about 12 years…but somehow it has not been  put back in the right place after my last return (which by the way  was only 4 weeks ago) Packing the cases,  means extending the imagination as you do so. What to wear on  each occasion,  and then maybe a few spare interesting outfits, but at least I won’t need winter clothes this time, it’s  going to be hot, hot, hot, just as I like it. On this trip I’ll even get a little down time with friends and for me that means shorts and T’s, and no responsibilities for a few days at least. …

Pam’s Houses Competition.

  As promised the Houses to create magic. I would love to share my little houses with you and I wonder what you would do with them? You could put them in a line, Built a Neighbourhood. Design a quilt. You can enlarge them, add to them, create your own, but you need to have at least 50% of my design in your creation. You have from now until the 3rd of August (SA time) to work your magic. The prize will be one of my small houses quilts made just for you! And 6 runners up will receive “The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet” This time I will share all of the entries on a page on my blog. Pam’s houses competition.   If you click on the link above it will give you the PDF you can print out.