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Threadpainting – or should we call it using the sewing machine in an interesting way?

Of course the day didn’t go as planned… I think is been like that for the past week. I have scribbles in the diary that need to change in a flash with the needs of the family and in between times I’ve been planning events for the rest of the year and working on projects.

Today was to be purely work in the studio….. hiccup. that didn’t happen. An outing with a daughter that needed a break was the go and we both enjoyed it. So the work happened in the early hours of the morning before her visit and late afternoon.

Its amazing what a small gift can do.

Just outside the temple gates were two little boys playing. Their faces were dirty, their clothes in rags, but they had the biggest smiles. They followed us for a short time. The other ladies had gone into the temple, but friend Pam pulled the two books out of the bag and gave one to each of the boys. The looks on their faces were just priceless. They couldn’t believe it.

They took off running as if afraid that we would take them back again.

By a fluke, (or was it Karma) we found ourselves at the very place where my Uncle had painted the images. But my take on Low Head is very different. Some of the old buildings are still there 160 years later, as are the light houses.

To be honest, I didn’t really equate the two, Joshua Higgs paintings and the fact that we were at Low Head. It wasn’t until I went through my photos last night that I put the two together.

Journey with me.

I’ve had some difficulty with my blog and web page over the past month. They are technical difficulties which are very frustrating, but I do hope I’ve been able to rectify them. Of course many of you know of our journey with Baby Jay now 4 weeks old. He is improving slowly and we are taking it day by day. Thanks everyone for your support. I will be journeying again  very soon. First  to Tasmania, to begin with, then a big old country roundup for the South Australian Quilt Guild in sort of the outback and the next day I fly. I will be joining the Destination Craft group in Nepal. We film the crafts of the local Master Crafters of the area. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. We will be  working with a great crew of Directors, Producers and Cameramen. You will eventually be able to view this fabulous series in the US fall. I can’t wait. Our Guatemalan event was off the charts as they say. We have India, Thailand, …