I wanted some lampshades that reflected the environment in which the shack is situated.We are surrounded by Gum trees, native plants, the river and lake and of course the bird life.I found some interesting cane-based lampshades from Kmart that had white shades.I wasn’t sure I could draw on them, but at about $20 each, I…

The story of the ‘shack’

The phone rang; it was Easter holiday weekend; we were enjoying the peace of the four-day break.“Keith, I think the tenants have done a bunk,” said Jamies’ friend John. He also has a holiday property in the same area. Next door in fact. Our day plans changed, and with our son Jinda and his family,…

The time has come.

Goodness me, it’s so long since I’ve written my blog, but things are about to change, and I need a space to share, so it’s back to the blog, shall I venture to say, it’s with a degree of enthusiasm and a little dash of doubt that I can do it as regularly as I…

The way it is.

I’m creating a year long time capsule. I may not be able to do it each day, but I will try to capture just a little bit daily. You may be interested, maybe it’s boring, but it’s a social experiment on my behalf. I have an application called’ Day One’ on my phone, Ipad and…

The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet.

Splish, splash, splonk….

“Hum ….La de dum, Hummmmmmmm.”

Splish, Splash …

Where was it coming from?

Miss “A” for Attitude smiled and waved her spindly arms.

A long thread of wool began to unwind from her cardigan. I watched in fascination, what would happen if the rest of the wool unraveled.

Then another splash reminded me that there was water coming from the drawer … How could that be?

Take the leap.

      We live 20 minutes from the beach. This was a photo I took last year at this time. I love my journey and a part of that is that 2017 has  gone and I look forward with great excitement to 2018. Sure there have been ups and downs… some have been almost…

Mummy’s Hat by Miss Tilly.

We have 26 Grandchildren. The Grandies we call them. Many of them are now adults, but a many of the younger group  have spent a lot of time in the studio with me simply because they love to sew/craft. Miss Tilly Lived with us in her early life and grew up ‘working’ in the studio…

Gees Louise, it’s about to begin again.

What on earth is the next adventure you ask, well it may be coming to an interesting class. Joining me on a Textile tour of India and Nepal or even a class in the Carribean.

So its a flurry of excitement and work right now and I do admit that the brain is on overload.

When it all gets too much, I spend time with the Grandies,