My art my joy.

I’m still get surprised that people are interested in my ideas. I’m overwhelmed and my heart flies when students smile, are happy and suddenly realise that they can immerse from the ‘basic’ edge, when they can fly too! Then when I think about it, I work hard to create new ideas, new techniques in quilting…

I now have the time to share.

Early mornings, late nights and I needed to concentrate on my task at hand rather than socialise over the past 8 days, so now I’m free for a day and I will photograph and share as much as I can . This is one of the most stunning quilts I viewed. I love everything about…

Animal Kingdom

Another fabulous day here. The place is buzzing with excitement, not just for quilting but because there is a huge World Series baseball game happening right now just blocks from us. So we have quilters rubbing shoulders with baseball fans and trust me, its an interesting combination.

People, Portraits and Figures. Winners and my picks.

People, portraits, and figures, sponsored by the Grace Company. First Place.     Second Place, graphically portrayed with fabric.   Third Place. Makes me smile. I love this quilt. The portrait has an amazing command. I want to look at it over and over again. Judges Choice. Strong emotion.  

Quilts from the International Quilt Festival.

  I have so many quilts to share with you and so little time before we begin our next adventure. It’s so interesting going to Houston and walking around the quilt exhibition. Have you walked the aisles and seen a new technique and suddenly thought well why didn’t I think of that? Then on the…

International Quilt Festival Houston.

This exhibition was called the Power of Women. Actually its a competition so there were no names on the quilts… 

I enjoyed the variety of techniques used.

When the names are published I’ll add them.