Let’s draw on the iPad.

I did a small drawing and added it in a cartoon to my FB page, and once again, I received hundreds of requests for a class.I’ve filmed a small introduction to see if anyone is interested in learning the wonders of drawing in the iPad.There are lots of classes you can do, and I’ve sampled…

Where do I go from here?

Now to work on the design ideas and I will tell you that sometimes I get an idea and I have to work on it instantly…. yes, right there and then. Sometimes if I’m out an about, I work it through my head, often to the annoyance of my companions. But today, because I’m under pressure to share with you all….. I’m a bit stuck.

Working through the process.

I finished this small sample completely today by adding strips of Kantha to the border, well actually as the border… now it goes into the class demonstration file.

Back on track. Bayeux, babies and blocks.

This week, I’m preparing photos to accompany my quilts at the Paducah Show. It’s quite exciting to present an exhibition such as this and I decided to actually create a portrait in thread rather than just add a photo of myself.

How I use my iPad pro for illustration purposes.

I have an iPad Pro and I use it in a number of ways for my art, designs and the planning of my Designs.
I’m going to show you how I used it for some of the illustrations for my Bayeux Project.
I photocopied the image I wanted to reproduce.
This is a screen shot of the process.
I use Adobe sketch, an iPad and an iPhone application.
On opening the application you will find two small squares on the left hand side. One has sketch layer written on it, the other has background.