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Quilt Indulgence an Aussie Quilt show experience.

Capturing the essence. There’s a comfortable noise. More like a hum in fact. Every now and then I hear a portion of a conversation and it inevitably revolves around quilting. A child runs through the crowd and demands his Parents attention. The men attending seem to be in the grey hair group and I note that one of them is fast asleep and about to fall in his dinner. Is Quilting that boring? Maybe he has a sleep disorder. The funny thing is that his wife just shifted his orange juice and plate and the conversation with her friends continued without a beat. No outside windows make the room grey, punctuated by the neon lights of the pokies next door and the colourful message boards describing the food you can purchase. There is a faint smell of cigarette smoke, roast lamb and alcohol. There are strong Australian accents that are harder on the ear than the accents I’ve been listening to over the past few months. Somehow I never seem to be aware of accents …

The miracle of the day.

Asilomar. There is a grey blue light outside and by the time I have gone through my emails and finished this post it will burst into orange. The miracle of the day. So I figure that when the day begins with such an event, the rest of the day almost can’t go wrong. Maybe it’s just attitude that allows you to see the ‘graciousness’ in moment. I figure that if you grab that jolly word with both hands and hang on, you can’t go wrong for the rest of the day.

I folded my dreams into my every day life – I became a Textile Artist.

I love art, photography, textiles, threads and sewing machines. But goodness me I don’t pretend to be an expert in everything.
I just have great confidence in what I do in my own preferred genres and what I can achieve, which has led me to share my ideas and techniques with others who love the same things as I do.

I folded my dreams into my everyday life.

Suck it up girl you can do it.

So today, wearing cotton, linen and silk I bless their natural properties when crowded into a shuttle bus for 20 minutes and driving across a busy Tarmac in Dubai. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and with 100’s of arms raised high in the air, the hands clinging to the bright yellow plastic rings for support and the lack of air conditioning I said to myself…. Welcome to the world of polyester.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

It’s July, I’ve traveled 4 times this year, been away for 106 days, traveled 124,241 air miles, visited 17 cities in 6 countries and that doesn’t include the land miles… which are in the 1000’s of course. And the surprising thing is that it’s all in the name of Textile Art. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I prepare carefully for each trip, some folk would say that I’m even obsessive about the preparation.  That doesn’t mean to say that it all goes smoothly or as planned. But I give it a good shot and don’t fuss too much if I have a hiccup on the way. I just look at those experiences as gaining new eyes. What have I learned as I travel? First of all I learned very fast to become resilient and I have learned to like myself. That’s not being smug, but imagine undertaking that much travel if you had an issue with yourself. Stubbornness helps, determination is a must and you don’t need anyones permission to enjoy …