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Notes for the diary.

I drink the first cup of coffee in the Qantas club. Not the ones they have prepared prior to my arrival and displayed on a tray in paper cups as you walk past. Make if fresh honey and please can I have it in a cup not a paper thing. The plane flight is just an hour and a half and I manage a little breakfast and a drawing of a rabbit, just because I could.

My own Marathon – What a way to start the year.!!!!!

OK guys, this is a bit embarrassing, But then who am I kidding,   -   I love it…. This is the link to the Quilt Show and my first video of the year, part 1 of the   Houston Quilt Show.   The Show I was on a few years ago…..   Forget football and journey back with us to Season 1 and see our show with Pam Holland and her amazing re-creation of a historical quilt.  Her detailed work is unbelievable.  This show is free to everyone this weekend. It's A New Year's Pam Holland Marathon!             We have all Pam's videos in a special player. There are over 15 short inspirational videos for you to see. Just put your mouse over the top or bottom of the index and you can scroll up and down all the videos.  

The Independent Weekly – Jamie Holland

  Stars above the South Australian desert burn astonishingly bright. As many as 3000 look down where the Stony and Strzelecki Deserts merge, and where the salt flats of Lake Frome shimmer silver in the night. via Jamie Holland If you were to emulate the life of a successful, daring-do and almost swashbuckling news cinematographer, you could do worse than take Jamie Holland as a model.