Textiles and travel stories. Antigua Guatemala.

Jim West and I are doing a little research into Textile Tours for Textile Artists and both of us arrived in Antiqua yesterday. Jim had the trip from hell that sounded like a bad movie, mine began at 3.30 am and I arrived at 10.00 pm. It was a really long day, and we didn’t catch up until breakfast.

The pattern for the Sockittome image.

If you click on the word Socks, you can download the PDF pattern for the socks. If you type in Sockittome in the search page you will get all of the instructions on how to make the quilt

I admire the ladies so much.

Each person created an individual design. I just smile when the excitement hits on the second day, “I can really do this”

Join me on a tour to Kenya. This is the experience of a lifetime.

I travel a lot and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an experience as much as I did in Kenya last year. So we will repeat it with a little difference, it will be a small group and I will teach as we travel.

I will teach you photography and how to use your images in textile art.

Quilts, Quandaries and now a little quiet time

I have a program on my iPad called Sketchmee and it converts a photo to a sketch. It enhances the color and I have learned so much from using this program. For instance, look at the way it has covered the shadow of the shoes… I love it.

Things are so different now. Craft is an art in its own box, and craft has been our Grandies normal thing to do when they visit. Some children take to it more than others and they surprise me with their knowledge and ability. I’m aware that I need to make more time for them and add to their experience.

Geraldine is Done.

Anticipating a busy day of Kings and Castles on the Bayeux, I worked late into the night last night and finished Geraldine.

A day in the life of a quilt designer.

4.30. The eyes open and the heart beats a little faster as the day ahead passes through the mind like a flash. Its clear, colored and I rarely achieve all that I set out to do but its good to have a starting point. It's raining, not cold just wet. wet. wet. I lay there thinking….

Shoes, Stage 6.

I've finished the shoes… They took almost the entire day to create, in hours…. about 10. Now to quilt the piece and I do have some challenges… In fact. I only had a small piece of black fabric so I chose to add the newspaper border… The entire quilt was assembled prior to doing the…

How will it turn out.?

Having just returned from overseas I am on a time line to finish an Auction quilt for IQA. I can't make quilts  as I travel but I can work on the design so today is the day to begin the challenge……!!! It's day 2 home and the jet lag is diminishing so I'm going to…