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The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet, creating the “D” for door.

One day I decided to go to the village of Gruddley. I went to the smallest house in the village. I was told it was Princess Tilly’s house. I knocked gently. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. “Anyone home?’ No one answered so I walked inside.  “Hello?’ Still no one answered. I tip toed own the passage and I came to a big brown door. It was known as “D” for door.  I had heard a rumour that at the top of the stairs to the cellar below, lived Mr Darstardly Derwain Aderifski. No one ever saw him, just his crumply “D” hand scrabbling up and down the door as it Dreee-ee-eked open. DREE-EE-EE-EEK. “Whats the password?’ He said in a creaky voice. “Grapes and Gravy” “Who are you?” “Where do you live” “Did you change your socks this morning? I can’t bear the smell” Life was hard for Mr Darstardly. Nobody ever saw his face. Just his wrinkly crinkly hand. He pulled open the door with exaggerated effort and a strong smell of lavender and mint wafted …

The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet.

Splish, splash, splonk….

“Hum ….La de dum, Hummmmmmmm.”

Splish, Splash …

Where was it coming from?

Miss “A” for Attitude smiled and waved her spindly arms.

A long thread of wool began to unwind from her cardigan. I watched in fascination, what would happen if the rest of the wool unraveled.

Then another splash reminded me that there was water coming from the drawer … How could that be?