Images in Capture and Create.

This year at the Southern New Mexico Festival of quilts I will be taking people out on a photography excursion.

It won’t be a technical camera trip, but a “Capture and Create” tour. These are some of the images I took last year at White Sands National Monument here in Alamogordo.

Images of Alamogordo – Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts

Next stop was to help some ladies prepare a quilt for a very special event in their daughters coming of age celebration. We’ve been invited to attend in July and it’s quite an honor. They showed me the Teepees they make and I was in awe, they are amazing structures and I would love to know how to make them.

A day in the life of a quilt designer.

4.30. The eyes open and the heart beats a little faster as the day ahead passes through the mind like a flash. Its clear, colored and I rarely achieve all that I set out to do but its good to have a starting point. It's raining, not cold just wet. wet. wet. I lay there thinking….

A busy day.

I’m not working on a quilt, but there’s a huge amount of background work done in between events.