The art of Quilting has contributed to helping a lot of children in our County.

I have a rather romantic take on life. The good times are carefully filtered through my bright rimmed glasses.
The bad, and the sad (and there have been many) are filed in boxes in my mind and are dealt with in their own time.

But whatever our circumstances I know that we can all make a difference in the lives of others by sharing our talents for kind rather than money.

Images in Capture and Create.

This year at the Southern New Mexico Festival of quilts I will be taking people out on a photography excursion.

It won’t be a technical camera trip, but a “Capture and Create” tour. These are some of the images I took last year at White Sands National Monument here in Alamogordo.

Images of Alamogordo – Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts

Next stop was to help some ladies prepare a quilt for a very special event in their daughters coming of age celebration. We’ve been invited to attend in July and it’s quite an honor. They showed me the Teepees they make and I was in awe, they are amazing structures and I would love to know how to make them.

The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.

To make a long story short, Holland selflessly agreed to lend her talent, time and name to help make the dream of a local quilting event a reality. Her only request was that the proceeds be given back to the community to benefit children.

Who would imagine

8.30 pm, and we've been busy all day. As many of you know I'm involved with The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts. Its a quilt event supported by the 1st National Bank and I donate my time. Its a program developed 3 years ago and we've raised over $45,000 for the children of the…

Amongst other things, a day traveling.

Tecolote Cafe – Santa Fe, NM (Photo credit: Umpqua) I traveled most of the day yesterday. There was a clear sky with huge white clouds, the vistas were wide and spectacular, I had to talk to myself to concentrate on driving. I listened to classical music for the most part so it's like driving through…