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Alice Isabella is Sprung from Jail – a true story for quilters.

The Batting Babes squealed with delight and the excitement of the moment.
They made a big circle around him with their arms outstretched. In their hands they held their rotary cutters with its sharp blade just ready to pop out at the flick of a plastic click…
Now this is a very dangerous thing to do.
Children don’t have a Rotary, Gotary, Lotary license…. so remember ….No touching the rotary cutter until you are at least 40 years old and you can earn your license….

Alice Isabella goes to the quilt show – read it to your Grandies.

Alice Isabella is a tiny lady of undermined age who lives in a note book in my hand bag.
Sometimes she sleeps a lot, but she does enjoy traveling with me.
Today she was so excited because we were going to Cincinnati (sit-on-the-matty) to the quilt show.

She has been waiting a very long time to go and she was really, really excited.
She has her bags full of interesting things… her clothes, magazines in case she gets bored, and 20 cheese sandwiches wrapped in brown paper just in case she gets hungry or just in case no one feeds her or – just in case.

What happened to Alice Isabella?

I began writing stories for the Grandies a long time ago. I can’t be home to share stories with them so a I write them a story as I travel. For a few years I had a  friend called Alice Isabella and she lives in my note book.  She  became quite famous a while ago and even had her own blog, but it got a bit too intensive to fit in a story about her adventures each day. Tilly was a bit worried that I was sharing her ‘own’ Grandma story so I  wrote them just for her, but I’ve had a few requests lately asking me  ‘what happened to Alice’? Tilly has just lost her special friend, Jack, the Jack Russell,he is part of this story,  he died on Monday. So Miss Tilly this if for you and now you are 9 I don’t think you will mind me sharing this story with all our friends. What’s happened to Alice? So here is an Alice Isabella story. Its for Children and Quilters. There is always …

Whoow – working hard and I spelled Isabella incorrectly.!!!

But I have to go into another program to fix it… never mind. Today I scanned my sketchbook and collected the images of Alice Isabella, the gal who lives in my notebook.   She joined me in April last year, so it seemed fitting that she feature in my April note book Quilt. I finished this small quilt today… April. The fabric was purchased at IKEA and I've printed my pen sketches on calico and stidched them to the quilt. The lines are blue thread, and red thread. I was in Nebraska and Cincinnati, New Mexico and Arkansas in April, but I thought that the invention of Alice was significant. May's Note  will be from France.