Chalk and Cheesecloth sample and the Bernina Q20 machine.

A week ago today, Mr Otto, our local Bernina dealer installed a Q20 machine for me to work the Bayeux on. I was temped to stop everything else and do a project on it, but I had a project scheduled for yesterday and so it had to wait till then. The machine sat there beckoning me to use it… actually, I did have a little play but not real stuff.

The design ideas are whizzing around my head – Santa Fe NM.

To the casual stroller of the streets, it’s a town of culture, its colorful and full of interest, each turn is carefully sculptured for both the visual delight and of course lets not be coy… they love to receive the contents of your pocket. I’ve never seen so many galleries in one place in my entire travels. There are over 300 galleries in this one small enclave.

Capture and Create.

Repetition creates a pattern, which consequently and naturally grabs our attention at first and then creates the comfort of familiarity. I used the Andy Warhol theory and then of course Kaffe did one with bowls in each block.

“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!” Dr Seuss

When I was 26, Keith bought me a Lemair Helvetia that did button holes and it had a foot pedal… it even went backward and forwards and did a zig zag!!!! I just couldn’t believe it. I just kept touching it, I was the luckiest woman in the world and indeed I made buttonhole after buttonhole just because I could. Heaven, I was in Heaven, and a year later I got my yellow electric typewriter. It clacked away at an alarming speed but I never did much with it.

Capture the color.

3 weeks ago I came to Mexico to share my ideas and quilting techniques to both Artists and Quilters alike. I have a history in Mexico going back 8 years now. I’m very lucky to have made so many wonderful friends here. I love everything, the art, the people, the designs, the food and of course the color.

Art and Anticipation

I’m about to visit Mexico, Korea and Guatemala and other amazing places and of course you are welcome to journey with me. The planning is done, cameras packed and I must admit, I’m rather excited.