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Its that Darn word ‘Quilter’

In the past when I was introduced, Pam Holland photographer, they understood that, and they could even understand that I was a fashion designer, but a quilter, that puts you into the scones and afternoon tea set at the church hall. You see the shutters come down over their eyes when you tell them you’re a quilter or a quilt teacher. Their reactions remind me of a crocodile with the second eyelid. Flip down it comes when you begin talking. Ha, but mention you’re an artist, or an author, or even an illustrator, the shutters come up. It’s just that darn word Quilting.


Re-creating the Bayeux Tapestry as  a Quilt. Continuity. It may sound strange saying this but for me continuity is paramount to keep in the flow of this special project.            I find I work more efficiently if I draw the applique and prepare it by putting it onto the fabric as soon as possible, if I wait for a few days I loose track.  (Where the heck does that piece go?) So, when I’m working on each section,   I’m able to  memorize where each piece needs to be placed and it makes it much easier if its fresh in my mind. In fact, its almost like a production line. Draw the image on fusible web, place it on fabric, cut it out and assemble each applique image and then complete that part of the panel ready to quilt and applique.

A quiet evening.

English: Harold Godwinson falls at Hastings. Harold was struck in the eye with an arrow (left), slain by a mounted Norman knight (right) or both. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Keith and I are babysitting two of our little grandies tonight. Our son and his partner have earned a dinner out by themselves. I bought my computer, iphone and ipad… sad but true. Keith has his work with him too so its the norm for us with the promise of a change in lifestyle as we embark on our travels soon. However I have some quiet time to do a little research for my Bayeux book. (Unnamed as yet, but well on the way) I look at the calendar, its the 13th of October and in Hastings right now they are re-enacting the battle that took place 946 years ago. I would love to attend one day, it can't be next year because I will be in Italy in Abruzzo. Right now I'm in the middle of studying flax and how the linen was made for the …

Creating the quilt.

I took this photo today. I intensified the colors… now what are the possibilities? I've created a close up. It looks like there are a number of sashed blocks and each of those blocks are fluid shapes. It could be created in these colors, multi colors in tones or even degrees of grey highlighted by red and white. Will I make it? I doubt it… the Bayeux has precedence and by the time I finish that I will have something else special to do… so I create quilts in my mind and it makes me satisfied… however if anyone wants the photo to create a quilt, just email me and I will send you a high res photo.  

How embarrassing.

11.15 pm and sleep is hard to find tonight so I decided to come out to my studio and work on a presentation I will be giving tomorrow night. In fact, I have a regime when I leave my studio at night of switching everything off and taking my special projects into the house for safe keeping. Somehow tonight, I forgot to lock it and in fact, even shut my studio…. !!! girl what were you thinking. In the house I heard loud music and thought it was a party… but when I came out here 3 hours later, the door was open, the music loud and it was my studio having it's own party. How embarrassing. I had been working on some music scores for the presentation and I tunes must have started up again or something…. Sorry Neighbors. Thank goodness I couldn't sleep.!!!! It's still hot and the hot weather will continue for another week or so. (around 40 deg, 110 deg ) That means a shift in the way we do things …

My Summer

  I took a few photos this evening, most of them are up on facebook. I love Aggys it means summer to me.   I mentioned the other day that I have a schedule for myself the "Bayeux Discipline" well I'm not too disciplined, because I want to work on it right now.   I'm just itching to begin, but I can't,  I have 3 other things to set up first. The tea bags designs, The Dublin Quilt, Disruptive Design and 'My America' quilt. The Bayeux quilt is 268 feet long and from every 9 feet section, I have chosen an image to put into a small quilt with the pattern for the book. That's 25 in all. This quilt is very traditional. (although in Birmingham they said it was pictorial)!!!! It's traditional machine applique. But the small quilts will be far from  traditional. Some will be embroidered, some illustrated, some textured and surface design. I have a lot of genres in my repertoire and I'm going to add them all to the book. You …