I can’t travel right now.

Like all of you, I’m working from home and it’s been different but it has also allowed me time to create more and catch up on working through my journals and images. Today I came across a visual Journal that I thought you might like. “Its early morning, it’s still dark outside, and the lights…

An Aussies perspective of an American Mall.

There are quite wide cultural distances between we Aussies, and Americans. Things we say and do and of course due to the huge population in the USA, everything is BIG. Sometimes that is a little daunting for the average Aussie tourist. I wrote this a while ago but it’s still relevant today and it’s part…

I wrote the book.

As a child I read everything I could get my hands on. Little did I imagine I would ever write one of my own, let alone two.! Now in my 70’s I’m working on 3 at the same time. Today I found a note of how I found the time to write the Alphabet Book….

Where do I go from here?

Now to work on the design ideas and I will tell you that sometimes I get an idea and I have to work on it instantly…. yes, right there and then. Sometimes if I’m out an about, I work it through my head, often to the annoyance of my companions. But today, because I’m under pressure to share with you all….. I’m a bit stuck.

Walk the Souks in Marrakech. – 1

  Take a walk with me through the Souk in Marrakech, a photographic tour.  We’ve been exposed to so many breathtaking things. Souks, that wind under huge sand coloured buildings lined with colourful things. It’s a maze of brilliant object d’art. But you share the confined spaces with motorbikes, donkeys, horses and hand pushed carts….

My travels my inspiration.

I’ve been on an Invitational lecture tour traveling through 8 cities  visiting the artists of the area. It was an absolute honor.  I met wonderful people, I had the opportunity to share my ideas on textile arts with literally 100’s of people.  I took a few thousand photos, wrote pages of dialogue and the weeks of preparation by my PA and I prior to the trip paid off and I have a sense of satisfaction that I actually achieved it.


I’m in the design process.

Did it begin today?

No, it began when I took the photo in India a month ago and it’s been floating around in my mind and popping into my mind for short periods of time in the past few weeks.

Houston Quilt Festival:- Day 2.

The show opened officially last night and I wasn’t able to get images of the excitement and rush to get into the event because I was out at dinner and then I had the privilege to attend the Opera at the convention centre.

It’s a tradition, people line up, with lines winding down the street for a considerable distance waiting for the doors to open. So today the convention centre will be a bus of excitement and I hope to have some time at lunch to visit the winning quilts.