Let it flow past us.

Two weeks ago yesterday, I woke to the news that India was cancelling tourist visas, and our Textile Trip was cancelled.I was a little surprised, and, indeed, I could have made the deadline for Australians using the visa but, the American Tourists had their visas cancelled so, there was little point. I do admit that…

Punta Cana

3 days of travel and now I’m here in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. The TV news is talking to me in the background, the light is mellow in the room. I’m in my Jamas and trying to stay awake just a little longer. I’ve done 3 days washing and hung it in the bathroom and…

You never know until you are told the story.

I bought rolls of the paper in the dark storeroom below. We had little idea of what we were buying because there was no light.. just an occasional flicker of a torch. I have a duty to use the paper, which I have begun to do today and as I handle it the memories flood back.

That’s the value of teaching.

I’ve been drawing and writing patterns today as I travel. This is one I’ve done before, but it’s been prepared for thread stitching now. I don’t know how other teachers design and prepare a class. It’s one of those things that are never really discussed when we meet socially. I mean I don’t think it’s…

The Tuk Tuks of Delhi – then again it could be a rickshaw.

How does one describe a drive in Delhi traffic in a tuk tuk at 7.30 at night.
Of course its dark with the lights of thousands of cars, bikes and tuk tuks just inches from each other illuminating the night. The fact that there is a bus just inches from your exposed arm on the door side of the vehicle is just common place, so suck it up honey.
Every one of those thousands had a hand on the horn….the noise is deafening and you just accept it.

The history of my blog.

I've been writing a blog since 2005. The blog is still there. floating around in cyber space. My Mum, read the posts avidly when she got her own computer but before that  I would put them into a book form for her. I actually never made any  for myself, however, I found one the other…