When the woman you live with is an artist, every day is a surprise.

Those of you who follow my blog are aware that I use the time traveling to design, write, think and create connections between my journal at my destination and my studio at home. I record everything I see, collect things and it’s mainly textile based. Beautiful cloth that has been touched by others hands. Stories and history i

Journaling with fabric and sensational stitching.

I know I’m preaching to the converted but I’m artists with attitude and I just love the unpredictability of creating with textiles. The refining of the process comes with a little experience and the imprint of practice. Then again, you can never be certain of the finished project. So I just begin.

Christmas Carols, Color and crafts.

I’ve been home just a week and I make no bones about the fact that its been a bit of a struggle. Physically mainly, but almost 70 days of being responsible for a large number of people. Using my brain to the max and doing the very best I can takes its toll.

Now, we have a wedding in the garden in just two days and the preparations have been under way all week. Now I can enjoy the ambience, prepare for Christmas and summer.

70 days on the road.

So here it is, finally the end of my tour. It seems such a long time since I left home with Keith late September. He has been home almost 3 weeks now and I will finally be able to sleep in  my own bed in 24 hours. What a privilege it has been to travel and share…

Lake Atitlan memories.

I’ve had 5 days of village life. Would I like to live in that environment? I think in all honesty, I have to say No, not really, but it’s been a wonderful experience to immerse myself in village life day after day.

First day of filming – the master craftsmen of Guatemala.

We boated across the lake, it was a clear, warm day and the excitement mounted. Of course having a full film crew in a small village adds a buzz to the environment. Having a cast of ‘ordinary’ crafters is also unique and we were welcomed with lots of smiles and good humor from the local people.

Lake Atitlan Adventures – Guatemala.

I’m part (a very small part) of a program that features the crafts of various countries. The team seek out master craftsmen from countries around the world and shares their talent with the us all. I’m looking after the cast members and I’m featuring as a Master Craftsman in Antigua using a combination of indigenous art to crate the new.

That’s it folks. No more time. Quilts from the International Quilt Festival Houston

This has to be my last post with the quilts from the International Quilt Festival Houston.

I didn’t have time to work yesterday because I had adventures of another type well away from the genre of Quilting. Luana Rubin and I were given the honor of a visit deep into the body of the Nasa Ground Control by Dr Jack Bacon and Astronaut Victor Glover at the Johnson Space centre. It was an honor and I thank them both most sincerely for the amazing opportunity.