Paper fabric? – Hanji.

Walking into a shop full of paper is like walking into a quilt shop. There are layers and layers of brightly colored papers lining the walls, floors and tables.

An update to the life of a Traveling Teacher.

These are not the things the average woman has to do when you are at home. Almost everything you do on the road is manipulated just a little differently. I’ve ended up eating tomato soup for breakfast on some occasions, I just don’t cope with the plastic yellow rings that come out of a box that are prepared as eggs in some hotels.

So to the Sockittome saga – challenge.

It was also suggested that I add the crease in the fabric. At first I thought, goodness I can’t do that, but I had finished one sock today and I really liked it and those words resonated…. “I wonder if I could do that” So I did and I think it looks great.

sockitotme – challenge

I don’t have much time today to work on this, but I did a little preparation. The first thing I do is get out the good old Moleskin sketch book.

Sockittome – Challenge.

Or we could say     Sock it to me. The socks it is.  Overwhelmingly. Oh Gees now where do I go from here? Thanks everyone for your interest… I decided to do this on a whim and of course I love a challenge. The emails were flying in today and with a busy day with…