Its that Darn word ‘Quilter’

In the past when I was introduced, Pam Holland photographer, they understood that, and they could even understand that I was a fashion designer, but a quilter, that puts you into the scones and afternoon tea set at the church hall. You see the shutters come down over their eyes when you tell them you’re a quilter or a quilt teacher. Their reactions remind me of a crocodile with the second eyelid. Flip down it comes when you begin talking. Ha, but mention you’re an artist, or an author, or even an illustrator, the shutters come up. It’s just that darn word Quilting.

The life of a textile Artist on the road. The joys, the pitfalls and the passion.

First of all, you need to have served your time.

You need to have put in the hard yards, the hours of work perfecting your amazing techniques and to be honest, you should have produced some interesting patterns or a book that no one can be without or maybe you’ve even won a blue ribbon in major quilt show. The Church fair doesn’t count. (not that the church fair isn’t a legitimate competition, but you do need to have your quilt out there with the big stuff)

Tacos, translators and Texture.

We have another man in class who is incredibly funny and the day rolled past with bursts of hilarity and small episodes of quiet concentration. I wonder if other Tutors have taken a class with a translator at their side and two cameramen following their every move.

The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.

To make a long story short, Holland selflessly agreed to lend her talent, time and name to help make the dream of a local quilting event a reality. Her only request was that the proceeds be given back to the community to benefit children.

I admire the ladies so much.

Each person created an individual design. I just smile when the excitement hits on the second day, “I can really do this”

Goodness me.

The class is filling fast (almost 3/4 full in 24 hours) thanks to everyone for sharing in this experience.

Poster for the Alamogordo Event.

We’re having 3 classes over two days and I believe you get a discount for the dinner if you attend the one day class… but then again, you can just come to the dinner.
I think it’s good value because your class fee includes the kit for most of the requirements for the day.