Walk the walk – images to make your day, International Quilt Festival 2015.

t’s not easy photographing the quilts, I had limited time, and sometimes the quilts are placed on an angle so its difficult to place them square in the viewfinder. We all have to take our turn and you wait patiently for the persons in front of you to capture their images.

Then snap… so some of the images are a little crooked at times.

The Fabric Trail – Houston International Quilt Festival

Well, here we are, the wonderful Quintessential Quilt Event is over, the bags are packed, the patrons have wended their way home and there were just a few die hard guests at breakfast this morning. Today, my husband Keith and our friend Julie Haddrick, laden with luggage leave the shores and I continue on for another 3 weeks of adventures.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the exhibition curated by Julie. The group are from our home city. Adelaide and the exhibition is sponsored in part by our local Guild.

‘Going to Houston’

My experiences have grown each year. They’ve come from naive toddler steps to bold adult strides. Not that these short legs can take a long stride. It’s been a growth of confidence, knowledge, talent and a willingness to accept. The talent grew from observing and studying the masters of quilting and then saying ‘What if we approached it this way’ There is also a generosity of spirit and the Staff are willing to share, listen and assist.

Some of the winners – International Quilt Festival Houston.

These are just a few of the winning quilts at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I will add more as when I get to take the photos over the next few days.

I like to look at the quilts in detail, I study them depth, each and every one.

Houston Happiness for yet another day.

So today I continue sharing some of the photos I took on the previous day. I will say that you the viewer are getting a more than biased view of the exhibits because I photograph only the Quilts that I have an interest in. I celebrate the creator, and marvel at their ingenuity and skill as quilters.

The tears flowed – 1776, Heartache, Heritage and Happiness.

This year it significant because last night I gave my 1776, Heartache, Heritage and Happiness Quilt to the International Quilt Study Centre and Museum and the tears flowed. My heart is heavy, but happy, knowing I’ve done the right thing to continue the legacy and life of the quilt.

Its a huge wrench to part with part of my soul, part of my life for so many years and part of my families history. However, it’s going to be shared now rather than live its life in a safe at home. I hope its viewed by people who love it as much as I do and I know I will visit often.