Individual voice. – Capture and Create.

I always have a vision of the completed work before I begin to stitch, but it doesn’t always end up that way. This piece is a testament to that. I listen to my work, and react to the individual voice.

The Day diary of a Textile Art Tutor. – Capture and Create.

It’s so nice being home. I have another day of teaching today with a group of ladies who honour me with their presence. I’m always humbled and I still have the feeling of amazement that someone actually waits in anticipation, prepares and packs their supplies to come to one of my classes. When those ladies arrive laden with their machines and large overflowing bags of fabric, notions and the latest equipment I do a little mental dance.

Finished the quilt. The pro’s and cons.

his is the image I began with. Ideally is not the best image to work with, simply because of the angle of his arm. But this is a gift for his Mum and this photo was taken when he was displaying exuberance at being at an event we had been anticipating for some time.

Taking photos to create Textile Art – its easier than you think.

I’m not a photographic purist. I just love taking photos. From the drips on a coffee cup to the textures in wood and beyond, I find it interesting. I know some of my friends look at me a little strange when I suddenly become pre-occupied in the midst of a conversation and I turn my head to capture just the right image…then out comes the camera.!!

Capture and Create.

Repetition creates a pattern, which consequently and naturally grabs our attention at first and then creates the comfort of familiarity. I used the Andy Warhol theory and then of course Kaffe did one with bowls in each block.

Observations and Exercises.

The Lady is called Catherine, she worked for two months and made this embroidery from 4 panels woven on the backstop loom. I visited the family and bought her delightful piece. Thats the beginning of the story, part of the tory behind the quilt. The end will be when I finish and share the quilt.

Working on the pot for the jolly bird quilt.

The reason I’m working on something creative and bright this morning is to try and put aside the horror and sadness broadcast on our TV this morning confirming the terrible siege in the centre of Sydney is over. However it will never end for those who were killed and became the victims  of terror. This…

blogging and talking about design Ideas

I’ve been trying to add photos to my album blog for days… its takes so long to download so I just gave up and I will have wait until we hit the road in a weeks time (that is if we get good internet).    On the list for publication right now are:-   The…