My travels my inspiration.

I’ve been on an Invitational lecture tour traveling through 8 cities  visiting the artists of the area. It was an absolute honor.  I met wonderful people, I had the opportunity to share my ideas on textile arts with literally 100’s of people.  I took a few thousand photos, wrote pages of dialogue and the weeks of preparation by my PA and I prior to the trip paid off and I have a sense of satisfaction that I actually achieved it.

Paducah heaven, – first day.

It is the day before the quilt show begins, all is in readiness, the show is up, the vendors prepared and the participants excited and nervous.

Grandma’s Sunday.

I just decided to document the day as  I was deciding the best way to make this new project.

This is me, this is mine.

Monday last week I arrived home from a 3 month trip. After traveling for 36 hours I fell into organizing just a few things like storm damage to the downstairs area, unpack 6 cases, organize insurance, food shopping, catch up with family and do a day of business with my PA and pack for the New Zealand class all in three days. Then off again.