Now what will I do with this?

The world speeds past you in a fusion of color as you travel and I try to capture as much as I can with photo images, however, the design images stay in the brain and don’t escape until I put pen to paper.

This past year the world of illustration changed for me when I was introduced to the iPad Pro. Now I have paints, inks, pencils with me all in one package and the soothing music in the ipad of Nora Jones added to my relaxation as I worked yesterday.

Notes for the diary.

I drink the first cup of coffee in the Qantas club. Not the ones they have prepared prior to my arrival and displayed on a tray in paper cups as you walk past. Make if fresh honey and please can I have it in a cup not a paper thing. The plane flight is just an hour and a half and I manage a little breakfast and a drawing of a rabbit, just because I could.

The Secret Lives of Princesses

She advises, corrects and consoles.
Soul Sister, kindred spirit, or BFF, she shares life’s most intense moments as well as the boring ones. She holds the Princesse’s hand when she is sad, stands by her side no matter what happens, and is her shoulder to lean on in case of a hard blow.

More than a simple companion, the confidante is

a locked safe that keeps all the princesses secrets.
There are many stories of great friendship between a princess and her confidante. Some last only for a short time, like those of a Princess-for-a-day.

The quilting Genres I love.

During my time home I need to complete 5 quilts and I’m well on the way to doing that at the moment. I find that working on a number of genres at one time works well for me. I don’t get bored with one quilt… and at the end I finish 5 quilts at once… (well there is a possibility that I won’t) It all depends on babies, family, babysitting, another visit to the skin specialist and the need to stop and sigh every now and then.

My Ireland memories fed to the fish.

I'm slow. I finally finished the Ireland drawing I did for all the folks on my bus. Sun, Rain clouds, cottages, stone walls, patchwork fields, sheep, chickens, the cliffs by the oceans, the islands, peat, the quilt show and our bus going down the narrow roads. Actually I did it 3 times… and the fancy…

The hat lady.

I've decided to add illustrations to most of my projects…… I think I can get a better feel for the image rathe than just stitching it. This lady was selling hats and bags on the beach in the Bahamas and I whipped out the camera and took the photo….   Now to quilt it…. I'm…

It's still dark. The air is cool and the beauty of being in a house instead of a hotel room while traveling is that I can get up and work without disturbing anyone. Our friends arrived (after traveling the long way from Houston ) a few days ago and after being on the road for…

The Internet freeze.

Whew…!!! I've been sending this blog out under enormous difficulties… The Internet would go in and out….. one minute, I'm on line, the next… down it goes. I had difficulty getting my mail on the lap top, but thank goodness for the Ipad…. it came through every time. It was 105 today so I was…