10.30 and the body is failing me tonight…. I need to sleep. I arrived in Michigan this afternoon after several good flights… I managed to sleep all night and my foot was much better this morning,  and I'm icing it again tonight…. Not too much to report other than an update on the MN challenge…….


Not able to do my challenge blocks on the road, I have to rely on illustration…
Should I send it to Spoon flower and have it printed on fabric…?
Should I color it…?

Challenge No 9. – adding to the Aggies theme. Completed.

I've enjoyed doing this project… It's was a little fiddly to get all the green images in place, but it looks quite realistic now that it's finished. And the background is growing on me. I mentioned I had difficulty with the purple fabric… however I think I've managed to disguise the white halo with purple…

Challenge No 8 – completed.

I got up early this morning and finished the quilt… in reality it only took about 15 minutes to do it but I was tired last night. In the past few months I've done 4 pieces similar to this, but not quite in this genre.  I can't show them because they are for exhibition. However,…

G for garden.

The “G” for garden, drappliqued and quilted.
I’m using a 50 weight Superior Masterpiece thread in the top and in the bobbin.
A 60/8 “sharp” needle