The Tuk Tuks of Delhi – then again it could be a rickshaw.

How does one describe a drive in Delhi traffic in a tuk tuk at 7.30 at night.
Of course its dark with the lights of thousands of cars, bikes and tuk tuks just inches from each other illuminating the night. The fact that there is a bus just inches from your exposed arm on the door side of the vehicle is just common place, so suck it up honey.
Every one of those thousands had a hand on the horn….the noise is deafening and you just accept it.

Fabric and the Olympics.

The Olympic games are almost upon us, I'll miss the opening, on TV but I'll be glued to the screen in the studio when I get back home. There is more to the physical competitive  side of the Olympics in London. I discovered a different Olympic Program. The Cultural Olympiad Program, stories of the world….