“Wander often, wonder always.”

I don’t know if this is going to work but this is the book I’m writing as I travel. I will add comments from others as it unfolds.

Make the most of every day.

Share your love, your joy, and the things you have learned on your journey
This will be somebody else’s courage.
Travel the world and feel every moment of the experience.
Love with passion, give freely, take with grace.
Speak honestly, walk with pride and learn constantly.
Once you have the tools, you can build the life you dream of.

Germany at last.

Our first morning in Krefeld was met with bright sunshine. I woke and looked out the window and along the tree lined street were trees in pure spring green, magnolias were on every block and the centuries old dwellings are of immense proportions. I had a relaxed breakfast on the verandah overlooking the gardens and…

The Empty Spools Quilting Retreat begins.

So as I write, very soon about 300 ladies will be arriving here at Asilomar. There is a lot of smiling chatting and animated conversation. Ladies are toting large bags full of goodies, cases roll to the beat of sneaker clad feet and the expectation is high.

I just smile and say ‘Thank you’

Take the leap.

      We live 20 minutes from the beach. This was a photo I took last year at this time. I love my journey and a part of that is that 2017 has  gone and I look forward with great excitement to 2018. Sure there have been ups and downs… some have been almost…

Paducah heaven, – first day.

It is the day before the quilt show begins, all is in readiness, the show is up, the vendors prepared and the participants excited and nervous.

Traveling and Teaching.

My theory is that when you travel you’re in the moment and there’s so many things you can’t predict happening. But if you enter the race with a sense of humor you get to the finishing point with a wonderful collection of memories and stories.

You never know until you are told the story.

I bought rolls of the paper in the dark storeroom below. We had little idea of what we were buying because there was no light.. just an occasional flicker of a torch. I have a duty to use the paper, which I have begun to do today and as I handle it the memories flood back.