Sockittome – the quilting- Capture and Create.

To be really honest, I had no idea how I was going to quilt the piece. By that I mean that turquoise. The socks are dimensional with shading by pencil following the shadow underneath the sock. Handling the piece has rubbed some of the pencil off, but I will re do it when the stitching is finished.

So to the Sockittome saga – challenge.

It was also suggested that I add the crease in the fabric. At first I thought, goodness I can’t do that, but I had finished one sock today and I really liked it and those words resonated…. “I wonder if I could do that” So I did and I think it looks great.

Sockittome – Challenge, now for the quilt compostion.

The next step was to audition them on different backgrounds, however, I came to the decision that they look best on a plane color and I chose, turquoise Cherrywood fabric. I want to add the orange vintage knitting needles at the top and they would get lost on a patterned fabric.However, I discovered something when I placed them on the background. I hadn’t removed the tracing paper from the fusible so they were a little stiff and they threw a shadow on the fabric underneath.

Sockittome. – Challenge.

I got up early and completed the drawing on fabric.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, the white fabric I’m using to draw on is a very tight weave and I’m using a 0.1 pigment ink pen. Using pigment means that it will never wash out. It is there permanently


The socks came out of the drawer, the fabric I might use, the vintage knitting needles I’ve been collecting for years and then I look at the shape of the socks as they are laying there.