Textiles, trains and markets so splendid.

Suddenly the rains came down with force. It was torrential and keeping track of 19 people was challenging. We all ended up absolutely soaked to the skin despite our of our brollies.

The water poured off awnings and umbrellas and then began to rise from the ground so we splashed our way back to the train station.

We held an impromptu show and tell at the boat station to the amusements of the passers by. However, they are unaware of our passion for fabric, bargains, jewelry and clothes.

The experience of Dining in Seoul Korea.

I’ve been traveling for 3 months solid. I’ve eaten everything from Aztec to American and a lot in between. However, I think the local food has got me beat.

We had such a contrast of dining yesterday from chic French to Market food with 1000’s of others.