The Masai Experienced – Capture and Create.

The area is small, not quite 6 ft, by 6 ft and its dark with the exception of a small slit in the wall located near the ceiling. There are a small patch of hides in the corner of the room and a cooking pot. Look up and its pitch black with no obvious area for the smoke to rise through. It was hot and stuffy and incredibly confining. But 8 people live in here and its one of the small mud huts in the Masai village we visited.

Other things we did in class. – Capture and Create.

Lets indulge the child in us and create whimsical images.

We discussed the images and how to create them after first making a ‘reminder’ list. Write down the things you see. Create them as you see them, not as others do. This is your design.
My list was the grass blowing in the breeze, Elephants, patterns, Zebras, Lions and hippos.

The trees with the weaver bird nest, the river and the texture.

Balloon ride over the Masai Mara – Capture and Create.

It was to be the most perfect morning for a balloon ride, but we didn’t know that until an hour into our adventure. 5. 30 am was our pick up time and we were enclosed in a huge blanket of darkness. We rumbled over rough terrain, headlights eerily piercing the darkness, to finally arrive at the balloon launch site just as the sun began to appear.

Ostriches and Education – Capture and Create.

I have to state, that I think I’m getting a bit old, I felt like I’d been tossed around in a washing machine for 5 hours when we were on safari this morning, but when I think about it, my camera and lens are larger than ever, I’m sitting in the back seat and every time I stand up to photograph I have to perch on the ice box or balance on the bouncy seats hanging on the darn big camera. My hands and arms ached, but being the stubborn lady that I am, I just kept hanging in there.

The best quilting classroom in the world.

It’s just a 45 minute flight from Nairobi and it was quite smooth. I was sitting behind the pilots, a young Kenyan man and Woman and got a bird’s eye view of the controls. It was certainly a unique trip, specially the in service. The pilot passed a bowl of mints in a plastic container back along the seats stating quite proudly, “in service snacks” and the landing was equally exciting as we wheeled over the dry brown countryside, past herds of elephants and zebras.