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Leon – Mexico.

I’m in Leon, Mexico attending a Quilt Seminar. After almost three long days of travel from Australia I needed to get out and walk before my commitments for the next four days. I’m staying in the Courtyard Marriott  which is equal to any top rated hotel I’ve stayed at and there is a walkway through to the conference centre. It’s hard to imagine you are in Mexico, this city is just like any large city wide formal streets, a huge sports stadium and big business buildings. Just a few blocks from the hotel is the Guanajuato  Museum of Art and History, so I took the opportunity to visit. I loved this painting by Diego Rivera.  The pink with the background green of the wall and then the green chair. Wonderful.   This is the art of Luis García Guerrero who was a Mexican visual artist. 1921- 1996. There was an amazing exhibition, Unexpected Journeys, Remidios Varo. Remedios Varo Uranga (16 December 1908 – 8 October 1963) was a Spanish-Mexican para-surrealist painter and anarchist. Born in …

Images of Mexico City.

I put on another jacket today. One of a tour escort, so this morning was spent going over the paperwork and checking, checking and double checking the paperwork. I was still tired but forced myself to go out and walk… I’m very familiar with this area of Mexico City and it was wonderful to loose myself in the mysteries of a busy Sunday afternoon. I watched ballet on a big screen, wandered through small markets in the park and just observed the throng of people.

The art of Quilting is reaching across the world.

Kantha, Appliqué, embroidery and quilting have been in India since the 6th century. But now there is a movement into the quilting arts of the rest of the world, I have a vision of sharing my ideas on textile art using modern technology.

Mr Aditya Gupta is presenting this opportunity in Delhi to Indian participants from the 3rd to the 6th of March I will be teaching three of my own techniques to the ladies. Laurie Tigner will be teaching Quilting on the Handi Quilter. It’s a great honor.

A leap of faith

Written at the event on the trusty Ipad When you travel sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and join the natives. Those high jumps have landed me in a bit of trouble sometimes but it's also led me to  have some amazing experiences. Bullfights in Mexico, elephant rides and crocodile wrestling in Thailand, Peraheras in Sri Lanka, ceremonies in India, and racing alongside the yachts in the round the world yacht race in South Africa. As we drove past Hollywood Bowl on Thursday  we noticed that Brad Paisley was performing on Saturday night. I'm a  country music fan since Dad taught us to sing “Home on the Range” and “Little Brown Church in the Vale” I didn't imagine we could get tickets….but an hour or so on the internet and we had tickets in a box close to the stage. As we arrived we noticed people in picnic mode were lining the road to the entrance.  Are they going to sit outside and listen? Were they just eating before the show? …