I wanted some lampshades that reflected the environment in which the shack is situated.We are surrounded by Gum trees, native plants, the river and lake and of course the bird life.I found some interesting cane-based lampshades from Kmart that had white shades.I wasn’t sure I could draw on them, but at about $20 each, I…

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I haven’t blogged for such a long time; I have to admit I use my two FB accounts and Instagram most of the time. But it’s time to change things a little. First of all, I’m thrilled to share that I was the 2022 Rajah award winner. Now just what is the Rajah Award, you…

3 ladies on a journey. – Capture and create. Mt Everest.

Our early morning start was for a 6.30 am flight around Mt Everest, what a way to spend your 70th birthday.!!!! well it will be in a few days.
After that flight we were catching another flight to a small city at the base of Everest called Pokhara and it meant a 5.15 am start to the airport in a taxi no bigger than a golf cart. He had to go slow or else our small cases would have decapitated us at a sudden stop. There were few people out on the streets but a few hardy souls, were walking with purpose to an unknown destination joined by a few dogs and the lone cow.

Block printing in Jaipur.

We see block printing often, and we are also presented with those wonderful woodblocks that seem to find their way to the craft shows we attend. Seeing how they are made was fascinating. There is always a story behind everything we handle and this one is fascinating.

Lost in Delhi – or something like that.

I actually visited there before and I enjoyed the experience. You travel through the narrow lanes on rickshaws, vehicles are unable to go down the narrow lanes. The poor rickshaw driver strains under the heavy load as he negotiates his way through the throng. Overhead the electricity wires have thousands of wires entwined and hanging from very precarious positions like electronic lace. I’m almost afraid to look up, the imagination goes wild.