The Women’s Souk of Ibra, – no men allowed.

“Once per week this souk, opposite the main souk, attracts women-only buyers and sellers from all over the region, selling a variety of handicrafts such as baskets, woven cushions and camel bags. Men are not welcome and photographs are prohibited in the only souk in the country dedicated to female shoppers.”

This was the only information I could find on the web regarding the Souk we were about to visit. As far as not taking photos, I asked permission and a few ladies said no, but most of them said yes.

The Challenge Process.

It's dark and absolutely pouring outside and it's only 7.00 pm. I can't believe that this time last week I was still in London waiting for the plane. I've had adventures in Thailand, been home and slotted into "MOTHER MODE" and "HOUSEKEEPING MODE' and tonight we  watched miss Tilly make her TV debut tonight as…

Challenge No 8 – completed.

I got up early this morning and finished the quilt… in reality it only took about 15 minutes to do it but I was tired last night. In the past few months I've done 4 pieces similar to this, but not quite in this genre.  I can't show them because they are for exhibition. However,…