The story of the ‘shack’

The phone rang; it was Easter holiday weekend; we were enjoying the peace of the four-day break.“Keith, I think the tenants have done a bunk,” said Jamies’ friend John. He also has a holiday property in the same area. Next door in fact. Our day plans changed, and with our son Jinda and his family,…

Creating a design board.

This is a small drawing I created in Adobe Draw on the iPad Pro as we traveled in the bus yesterday. It’s Naive to say the least, but it’s what I saw in a pure sort of way. Components in the image could be used as stand alone patterns for fabric. The stripes, the trees…

From Alice Springs to Uluru.

7.00 am, and we left Alice. It was calm and quiet, and when we stepped out of the door of hotel the air smelled of dew on the grass. It was delicious. I’m aware that there’s been a lot of rain recently, but I don’t think that’s the only reason it’s so green, I remember…

Things I see when I visit the shack.

(The shack is a 1950’s holiday house, it was destroyed by vandal renters, but we are finally getting it back to its former glory) Back home preparing to pack for our outback trip. It’s just a couple of days away and the cameras are being cleaned and packed. We’ll only need summer clothes, the temperatures…

Taking images for design.

I’ve not had much time to design over the past few days… but I will add a few images I took at Palo Duro Canyon the other day I look for colour and detail. From this image I can capture colour. The various greens and the purple and off white. I’m using a Sony A4500…

Preparation is the key.

Preparing for all eventualities in travel is really important. I know I take too many things sometimes, but most of the time I’m very thankful for my forethought.
There is a careful selection process and it takes me several weeks to pack correctly. I have to live out of a case for months.

The pit weaver of Oman – A traveling Quilters Joy.

We were welcomed into their house. The entire family assembled to meet us. Father and two of the sons showed us the weaving, but I sort of lost something in the translation. I don’t think the Father is doing it any more because of his poor eyesight.
We were ushered into the main room of the house which was painted bright yellow. Around the 4 walls as sumptuous seating.

3 ladies on a journey. – Capture and create. Mt Everest.

Our early morning start was for a 6.30 am flight around Mt Everest, what a way to spend your 70th birthday.!!!! well it will be in a few days.
After that flight we were catching another flight to a small city at the base of Everest called Pokhara and it meant a 5.15 am start to the airport in a taxi no bigger than a golf cart. He had to go slow or else our small cases would have decapitated us at a sudden stop. There were few people out on the streets but a few hardy souls, were walking with purpose to an unknown destination joined by a few dogs and the lone cow.