Observations. – and admiration for a small US country town.

The Saturdays are slipping off the other end of the calendar and new ones are lining up for the rest of the trip. I have four more to experience, more interesting people to meet and a few more adventures to experience before I get to go home.

I’ve had two Saturdays in Costa Rica, Two in Mexico, one in California, two Saturdays were in India, the next was Oman, then 2 in Dubai, one in NY, and now today in upstate NY. I gave in and slept for a few hours this afternoon.

Yes, of course there are times when I have to stop and think…. ‘now where am I’ but I honestly do know where I am, these images are from upstate New York taken last week

We can do it, we sure did it.

5.00 am and the driver was waiting for us. Still dark we watched the town awake as we drove up to the mountain. At first the only thing stirring on the streets were the village dogs and gradually as the time passed we encountered people going to work, school and opening the small stalls along the road side. The houses fringe the road and you seem to become partners in the scenes of bathing, cooking and the preparation for the day.
It’s a really steep road, wide enough to for just one car and situated at a 45 degree angle. There was a thread of people walking up and down the hill to somewhere.

Capturing the textures and colors.

These images are copyright to Pam Holland, please contact me if you wish to take advantage of any of them. I took a friend to Cleland Wildlife Park the other day and these are some of the images I took of our native animals. I tried to capture the beautiful intricacies of the feathers, fur…

Photography is my passion and I was keen to capture the light and ambience of this majestic place. However, I really wanted to see and photograph the ‘wave’ formation of rocks. The formation is situated on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness of the Colorado Plateau.

The rest of this blog is a photographic explanation of our visit.