The Tailor.

We’ve spent almost 3 days here in this city and indeed in one of the other the squares, this old man has a position in one of the raised, tiled platforms. He smokes quietly and deliberately seeming to savor his cigarette. He’s a tailor. and his equipment is stored in a small alcove set in the wall behind him. A pair of scissors, a container of machine oil and 2 reels of thread.

Paubhas painting.

Our first stop was at a traditional painting studio.

Paubhas are painted on a rectangular piece of canvas. It is prepared by applying a mixture of buffalo glue and white clay on it. The surface is then rubbed with a smooth stone to give it polish. The painting is done according to the rules and dimensions handed down by tradition, and artists cannot exercise their creativity.

Walking in Hollywood

Today the sun was shining, the day was warm and begged me to take a walk. The hollywood walk of fame is just a few blocks away from my hotel so I wandered down there. Past the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and I stood on the pavement and watched the crowd.

Rural roundup – a quilting Odyssey.

Women in cars, buses and carriages of all kinds descended on the town on Friday but they didn’t come empty handed. Quilts for show and tell, coolers full of cheeses and wine and other dietary ‘necessities’ and the stories unwound as the conversation flowed.

Art to make your heart leap – color.

As you wander through the gallery you suddenly get a peep through the door of the skirts painted with vibrant outback colors suspended from the ceiling. The shadows reflecting delicate floating shapes on the floor.

The irony of it all. – Quilters and weavers.

I’m about to leave for our local Guild meeting. The Quilters Guild of South Australia. There will probably be 200 people there.

We will meet, share ideas, quilts and other such wonderful things and marvel at our ingenuity and talent.

We sew on magical machines, we have the best plied thread, and we use computers, and work in fancy studios.

70 days on the road.

So here it is, finally the end of my tour. It seems such a long time since I left home with Keith late September. He has been home almost 3 weeks now and I will finally be able to sleep in  my own bed in 24 hours. What a privilege it has been to travel and share…