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The miracle of the day.

Asilomar. There is a grey blue light outside and by the time I have gone through my emails and finished this post it will burst into orange. The miracle of the day. So I figure that when the day begins with such an event, the rest of the day almost can’t go wrong. Maybe it’s just attitude that allows you to see the ‘graciousness’ in moment. I figure that if you grab that jolly word with both hands and hang on, you can’t go wrong for the rest of the day.

How to use the iPad pro for your quilt patterns and illustrations using Adobe Sketch.

In January this year, my creative life changed when I purchased the new iPad pro.

I bought the largest screen and the largest memory iPad that I could. Then came the wonderful apple pencil. It really has taken me almost all of the year to work through the applications that work in my favor.

The main one I use is Adobe sketch.

It’s almost 3.00 am. At home I could get up and with coffee in hand wend my way across the brick courtyard to the studio. But here in Antigua Guatemala we have just one large room so it’s a bit difficult to do my usual thing of getting up early and working without disturbing husband Keith. You make do on the road, a digestive cookie, dates that were packed in my case from Dubai and room temperature mineral water. A number of my textile art friends on Facebook queried me about the Huipils I purchased yesterday. So I thought I would explain their use, their beauty and what I use them for. I’ve been a huge fan of Huipils since I became aware of Frida Kahlo many years ago. I have a rather large collection and they form a good proportion  of decoration in my house as wall art and throws. To be honest, I only have two that I wear, but I always feel a bit of a fraud wearing them… I think I need to …

A day off.

I'm having a day off scheduled work today. I am tired, but I did walk around Hot Springs and I'm rather impressed. Great galleries, gift shops and restaurants. I spent the morning walking through this venue… it's huge and I can see great potential. There is a lot of work going on with the renovations and the opening will be in October. A lot of space, accommodation, pool, spas, and set in a neat town.     These are just a few of the things I saw today…. It is rather hot here… and I think I need to go down town and take a bottle to get some spring water, you can get it from a fountain in the main st… there were about 10 people there this morning with big containers gathering water… I stopped for lunch at Whole Hog cafe It was delicious…. I have enough ribs for lunch and tea…. I visited the bath house and also a great gallery…. Gallery of photos taken today.