The “dinner” quilts shown at the International Quilt Festival Houston.

As promised I’m sharing the “Whats for Dinner” category from Houston. I thought they were wonderful. I’m sorry a few of the names are a little blurred. However, they were quite difficult to photograph due to the angle and lighting on the table.

I don’t have the catalogue here with me, it was sent home in the other luggage.

A day in the life of a quilt designer.

4.30. The eyes open and the heart beats a little faster as the day ahead passes through the mind like a flash. Its clear, colored and I rarely achieve all that I set out to do but its good to have a starting point. It's raining, not cold just wet. wet. wet. I lay there thinking….

working on the projects.

I just realized that last Sunday evening I was in Auckland, I stayed in a hotel at the airport and got up at 4.00 am Monday to catch the plane home, Melbourne Adelaide. To be honest it seems an age ago and I've sure fitted in a lot this week as well as catching up…

Drawing the quilts.

The quilts will feature fabric designed from the letters, so for instance the blue fabric in the some of the blocks will look like the knitted sweater, there will even be holes in it…
The red and white will be the same as the legs and there will be illustrated applique blocks of unusual apple trees in some of the blocks.