AMQF – quilt showcase. – You need to go.

I had the opportunity to attend the AMQF (Australian Machine Quilt Festival) cocktail party last evening and after the event we were able to spend some time looking at some of the wonderful quilts on show. I’m going to share a few but the images are only for your enjoyment, certainly not to use for any…

Yet another adventure.

To me this chosen profession has the reputation of being honest, respectful and I like to think of myself as a team player. (At least I try to be) I share my ideas on quilting with students because I love what I do and I have a passion that keeps bubbling to the surface. I have little or no control over the creative ideas that are always there under the surface and they often burst out with a sense of the ridiculous.

The secret to becoming a better quilter or Textile Artist.

My personal view is that every person that creates something is an artist. An Artist is a collector of imaginings and experiences. They are selective and only collect the things they enjoy the most and it really depends where you put yourself to receive those things… you’re not necessarily going to get the experience or be influenced if you are home on the couch.

Rural roundup – a quilting Odyssey.

Women in cars, buses and carriages of all kinds descended on the town on Friday but they didn’t come empty handed. Quilts for show and tell, coolers full of cheeses and wine and other dietary ‘necessities’ and the stories unwound as the conversation flowed.

Journaling with fabric and sensational stitching.

I know I’m preaching to the converted but I’m artists with attitude and I just love the unpredictability of creating with textiles. The refining of the process comes with a little experience and the imprint of practice. Then again, you can never be certain of the finished project. So I just begin.

The 2nd day of Christmas.

We didn’t get invited to relatives or even our parents houses for Christmas with our troops.
Its not that they were badly behaved, to be honest they were more polite than most, but the sheer number put the fear of dread into the most staunch of family members.

The irony of it all. – Quilters and weavers.

I’m about to leave for our local Guild meeting. The Quilters Guild of South Australia. There will probably be 200 people there.

We will meet, share ideas, quilts and other such wonderful things and marvel at our ingenuity and talent.

We sew on magical machines, we have the best plied thread, and we use computers, and work in fancy studios.

A very detailed quilt.

After a beautiful day yesterday when we thought spring had finally arrived, the skies opened up with a vengeance and its been raining and storming ever since. We had 30000 lightening strikes in the state last night. I was admiring the white blossom on the trees yesterday, it appeared so quickly and today it looked…

  I've finally had time to sit at the computer and begin work on my photos. I will add albums each day to my web page and I ask that you respect the owner of the quilts by not downloading and distributing the images. Quilts    click the word to view. This is my 12th consecutive…