The “dinner” quilts shown at the International Quilt Festival Houston.

As promised I’m sharing the “Whats for Dinner” category from Houston. I thought they were wonderful. I’m sorry a few of the names are a little blurred. However, they were quite difficult to photograph due to the angle and lighting on the table.

I don’t have the catalogue here with me, it was sent home in the other luggage.

Tomato lips.

I’m highly allergic to all fresh fruit and veggies, I have to eat everything cooked, but I love my own home grown tomatoes and in doing so this is what my lips look like each summer. No botox, none of that filler stuff. The green grass surrounds the veggie patch and I pick the tomatoes and lay them on the grass, hence this strange quilt.


Faced with a challenge of creating a quilt, there is always the need to plan. I find my most reflective  time 'in the gap' as my friend Carolyn describes it…. I love that….In the gap. The 'Gap' in my estimation, is the time when I'm waiting for a bus or plane or when I'm waiting…