Mixed emotions, sadness and sheer joy. A textile journey.

We began the tour with a visit to the historic India gate. Whilst photographing the landmark itself, we noticed 50 or more women working in the gardens close by. They carried long hand-made brooms and their brightly colored clothing was obscured at times by a small cloud of dust as they swept the ground. Some ladies were crouched pulling weeds. The temperature and the humidity was in the 90’s, I just can’t imagine how hard that is.

My head is spinning with design, and I suppose I could say desire.

We had a superb day, but by then end the heat takes a toll on the body, these ladies lifted from the lives of suburbia were thrust onto the interesting and at times pure darn scary roads of Delhi. Yes, we also drove down the wrong side of the road amidst 5 pm traffic to get to our turn off quickly. We dodged thousands of motor bikes. We saw a family of 6 on one bike, and the variety of helmets makes your head spin.

You can just turn in front of anyone or cut off the car to the side of you as long as you use your horn. I love it and I’m in absolute awe of the drivers their driving skill is amazing.

Fabric to make you heart skip a beat – sharing how I’m going to use it.

Yesterday, with a roll of quilts under my arm and a package of teaching supplies I was waiting for my driver in the lobby. Suddenly the quilts were whisked out of my arms and onto the counter of the porter…. In alarm I kept an eye on them as they began to wrap my quilts very neatly in Newspaper!!!!!! Ohhhh. They then presented the parcel with a small handle tie and and expression of complete happiness. “Please don’t rub the newsprint off on my precious quilts “I thought, and the end of the story was that they were just fine. I gave a small class to some friends here in Delhi and we had a wonderful day talking, eating, listening and sharing ideas on quilting as they completed a small project.

Gals on the road -learning about creativity.

We’ve had 5 days in Santa Fe and its been the most wonderful experience. There is so much to like about this city. Everyone we’ve met has been very helpful and a pleasure to visit with. We’ve made a lot of new friends.

I love the climate at this time of the year but the locals tell me it’s a little hot for this time of the year. I’m a very visual person. Everywhere I turn there is beauty and things that I’ve never seen before.

To say that Santa Fe is unique is an understatement.

Faces of the Festival.

Today, I  added the portraits of the wonderful people we met at the Santa Fe Folk Art Festival.                      

India, A Textile and photography tour to remember.

“The morning comes around too fast. It seems such a short time since I laid my head on the pillow. But as predicted by an unknown deity, the sun rises and gives promise to the day.

We will have had more fun that is legal and we are less than half way through our tour.How could you not get excited by this !!!

We designed this program ourselves and the tour company organized the mechanics. Drivers, pickups and accommodation”.

So I can finally share out newly designed Indian Textile tour trip. We also have an add on 7 day Nepalese trip as well.
You will travel with a group of like minded people, and trust me we will take really good care of you.

Our accommodation is luxurious and the food is amazing the scenery is breathtaking in ma

Our Marathon Sunday.

It is set in the beautiful town of Tanunda, in the heart of one of South Australia’s best wine regions. The very scenic course passes many prestigious wineries, with the vines in all their autumn glory.

We left home in the dark to travel the 60 kms to the event. Son Matt and his partner Sheena left a lot earlier. It was one of the coldest mornings we’ve had for the year, but the promise of a nice day lasted just an hour or so at sunrise.

The way I see it.

Most of the things I add to my blog are for women. Textile artists mostly. Well, I think this blog will be of interest to the man in your life. The colors of these old cars just blew my mind.