Stitching texture.

I finished another UFO today.

Well, I guess they are not UFO’s  (un-finished objects) unless you leave hem that way.

I folded my dreams into my every day life – I became a Textile Artist.

I love art, photography, textiles, threads and sewing machines. But goodness me I don’t pretend to be an expert in everything.
I just have great confidence in what I do in my own preferred genres and what I can achieve, which has led me to share my ideas and techniques with others who love the same things as I do.

I folded my dreams into my everyday life.

Re-purposing and creating your own fabric.

Well, I guess we all see beauty and use in the things that interest us. My favourite quilt find is a very old quilt filled with raw cotton and made from bright orange fabric and feed sacks. I actually put a new border of vintage feed sacks on it to make it last just a little longer. I sit under it every day. Maybe I am blind, but I adore that old quilt.

Textile art and the way I look at color.

A textile artist is always looking for inspiration. I’m attracted to the way one color blends with another, somehow the colors set off endorphins in my brain that says, ‘Like me’

Inspiration and creating

I'm get inspiration from many sources and on this tour a have allowed myself the time to create images from the things I see. I've written them into the blog to inspire you to do the same. Yesterday Lisa and I traveled to Chimayo, we had searched the Internet and it seemed a place we…